• Image of Vietnamese Coffee - Neckcandy

From the whimsical bazaar of Tasty Circus comes a beautifully minimal handcrafted polymer clay bead necklace with donut shaped beads called Vietnamese Coffee.

**ABOUT THE NECKLACE - 9 beads in all. They are donut shaped with a matt finish. Evokes of an icy caffeine hit on a hot hot day. This piece of neckcandy also has a feature bead that looks like a dollop of condensed milk stirred through a cup of coffee. Sweetness!

**The beads are threaded on a "natural" hemp chord with adjustable knots that you can use to customise the length of the necklace to your liking.

**The full length of the necklace is approximately 36 cm (approximately 14 inches).

**Each bead is hand rolled and so no two beads are alike. Minor marks and imperfections add to the natural charm of this piece of neck candy.

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