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From the whimsical bazaar of Tasty Circus comes a beautifully minimal handcrafted round polymer clay bead necklace called Lemon Granita. Playful, stylish and utterly stunning!! A great party piece or gift.

**ABOUT THE NECKLACE - 9 beads in all. Two yellow and seven pearly glittery marbled beads to mimic the lemon and crushed ice in "Lemon Granita". This is a sophisticated necklace like the dessert it is fashioned after. Lustrous, cool with a splash of the cheeky yellow.

**The beads are threaded on a "natural" hemp chord with adjustable knots that you can use to customise the length of the necklace to your liking.

**The full length of the necklace is approximately 32cm (approximately 12.5 inches).

**Each bead is hand rolled and so no two beads are alike. Minor marks and imperfections add to the natural charm of this piece of neck candy.

** Your necklace will be sent gift wrapped in a stylish (and eco-friendly) vintage recipe sheet tied up with jute twine.

** Each necklace is handcrafted by me with love and care.


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